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International Engineer Job: Work in the Netherlands

Are you an engineer looking for an international challenge? At T-Level we are regularly looking for technical professionals for exciting jobs and projects. Such as Mechanical Engineers, Software Engineers, Strategic Buyers and Projectmanagers. Are you interested in an international challenge in The Netherlands? Are you a European Union citizen? And do you speak Dutch or are you willing to learn it in a short time? Then we would like to get to know you! 

Our values

We value personal contact and we are a very transparent company. We have an extensive network among interesting companies, we know the market well and we have a lot of expertise and knowledge. You can count on clear communication, interest in your personal situation and professional ambition. We are curious, we want to find out more about the person behind the cv, their motivation, their drive and we always strive for the perfect match.

We work for various companies and sectors in the industry, such as machine building, equipment construction, marine, offshore, process industry and automotive.

Candidate Magdalena Mękal from Poland: “AKOS was of great importance matching me with a challenging position as Structural Engineer at XSPlatforms. During the application process and my first year working, they accompanied me with good advice, guidance and personal interest.”

Application process

After the initial contact we will evaluate your cv, experience and motivation. If we see potential in your profile, one of our recruiters will contact you by phone to discuss things more into detail. If you’re still interested in walking the T-Level path we will plan a Skype interview in order to get to know each other better. You get the chance to ask all the questions you want regarding T-Level, companies we work with, life in the Netherlands, possible job opportunities. We’d be interested to hear more about why you like engineering, why you’d be interested in working in The Netherlands and what your career plans are. If the chat on Skype is positive, we’ll start investigating possible matches between you and a potential employer. If all goes well and all parties involved are positive, we will schedule live interviews (usually at least two) with our client. In case you sign a contract, you will be subcontracted by T-Level for the first year with the clear intention to get a permanent position with our customer. We always 100% replicate the salary and the other benefits the employer offers, with the exception of the pension.

Immigration support

The Netherlands has a strong engineering tradition. The country is renowned for its innovative culture and its high technological industry. A good place to be as an engineer, a nation with a high living standard, little bureaucracy, a fair social system and more bicycles than cars!

We understand immigration is a big step and we’ll offer assistance in finding your way in your new country. Therefore, T-Level doesn’t just offer you a job but we’ll coach you through the immigration process. We expect candidates who come from abroad to see this as a long term project, being willing and ready to integrate in the Dutch society and culture and learn the language. Our Consultants and Development Coordinator will assist you in your professional development and will put together a program that will facilitate this.


Are you looking for a job in The Netherlands as a technical professional? Are you a European Union citizen? And are you willing to learn Dutch? Please contact us. We will be happy to get to know you!

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